Age of the Gods Slot Games

Playtech has gone back in time to explore the myths and legends of Greek mythology inlaunching its Age of the Gods series of slot games. Three standout titles have already been released, with others slated to follow.

Age of the Gods

For the main Age of the Gods slot, players will encounter an interface with five reels and three rows, which combine to yield 15 symbols per spin. Various Greek gods appear alongside playing cards, with players challenged to create matches on 20 fixed paylines. The minimum line bet is £0.01 and the largest is an unnecessary £25.

Pantheon of Power is a feature that will trigger a 200x multiplier if players create a consecutive match of the five gods on the same payline. Then there is the Age of the Gods Bonus, which initiates with three or more scatter symbols. Players can then pick from icons to match three of the same god and unlock free games.

Playtech has also added a progressive jackpot that spans four levels, including Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power, which is reminiscent of the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Jackpot. And, like that one, this also starts randomly.

Age of the Gods: Furious 4

The second of the Age of the Gods slots is entitled Furious 4. There is a commonality with the first slot in that both have five reels and 20 paylines, but Furious 4 gives players the chance to adjust the paylines. Meanwhile, the range of line bet values goes from £0.01 to £25.

Furious 4 is set against a cloudy backdrop, with the name stemming from the fact that there are four gods offering up different benefits during free games. To trigger 12 free games, three or more golden chair scatters must be landed on the screen. Each of the gods will initiate a different benefit, including expanding wilds and increasing multipliers.

Playtech has wisely added Furious 4 on the same progressive jackpot network as Age of Gods. Otherwise, players might have overlooked this complementary release. As it stands, players are also likely to be drawn to compete on this slot for the jackpot.

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus

Rounding off the trio is King of Olympus, which is dedicated to the legendary Zeus and his devastating thunderbolts. For this five-reel slot, the fixed paylines are increased to 25. On each wagers, players can set a value between £0.01 and a frankly absurd £100.

To trigger the free games, players can land three or more Zeus symbols to have 10 spins. The advantage of free games is that the multiplier starts at 2x and will rise by 1x on every two subsequent spins.

King of Olympus is also connected to the Age of the Gods progressive jackpot, with players triggering the feature at random. During the feature, they can pick from 20 coins on a five by four grid to try and match a jackpot win.


The verdict of this Age of the Gods slot review is that the original slot exhibits the highest design standards, while the others look more like complementary releases. They do have the strength of being connective to the progressive jackpot, but the Age of the Gods slot has the added advantage of a bonus round.

Playtech first unveiled its Greek-themed slot series in April 2016, with the three games above being the introductory titles. Moving forward, Playtech’s plan is to fill out the series like it did with Marvel slots. So, players can watch out for yet more gods to join those who have already made their online casino debuts. Hercules and Athena are two to expect.