New Casinos Online Web and Game Development Scholarship

A $1000 Web and Game Development Scholarship

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New Casinos Online is reviewing the latest games available on the internet and providing comprehensive breakdowns in order to provide consumers with the most enjoyable and intuitive experience possible.

Example: New Online Casinos

We fully appreciate the skills and creativity required to develop new and innovative gaming experiences and want to help support budding innovators in the field.

To show our support we have created the New Casinos Online Web and Game Development Scholarship for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students with a passion for “Web and Game Development.” The recipients will receive a $1000 award.

Students who are currently studying in the areas of Web Design, Game Design, Computer Science, IT, Programming and Animation may be extremely interested in this scholarship program. While students in these fields are strongly encouraged to apply, anyone with a passion for gaming and an interest in the industry are welcome.

Applicants must:

  • Currently be enrolled in an accredit institution of higher education (Part-Time or Full-Time Accepted)
  • Demonstrate a passion for the gaming arts

To apply, please submit an online written response (500 words or more) for the question:

“Where is the future of gaming going and how do you plan to be a part of it?”

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