5 Ways to Succeed at Craps

Maybe you noticed that we did not entitle this article in relation to winning at Craps, or beating the odds in Craps. We’ve got to level with you, folks. Craps does not offer the best chances of winning in the casino — not even close.

Please Note: The house edge in Craps is between 1.36% and 13.3%, with the majority of rolls having a double-digit % loss rate. The Odds bet is 0%, however, it’s only permitted after the point is established, which means the player RTP is still negative.

About the only time a player has better chances is when a casino is running bet specials and promotions (ah, but in those cases, bet minimums can be higher, therefore riskier). Furthermore, there is no way to improve the situation. Craps is a game of chance, plain and simple, bottom line, period!

Best to Just Enjoy the Game!

Since Craps is all about courting Lady Luck, there are no possible advantage play techniques we can relate to you. That leaves you with the thrill of the ‘action’, which means the rush from taking chances, of winning some and losing some. The following playing points increase the enjoyment of throwing Craps.

Develop a Good Roll

If you think about it, rolling the dice is the heart and soul of craps. Even though theoretically and mathematically there are no proven techniques for ensuring winning throws, every player will have a unique style and this is always an enjoyable aspect.

That is, if you develop your own special throw. This is a way for self expression. You can sum up your entire attitude to the game, toward gambling or even about life with your style of throwing. Really!

Know the Lingo

Even inside a casino or online, playing Craps has a kind of street-wise, down-home, slang talking sort of personality to it. The way the bet calls are made, the ways that players declare their bets, the way the crew works the table, all of it has a charming character.

So, in order to really enjoy Craps you have to learn the language, if you will. There are an awful lot of different types of bets to make in this game — this is what offsets the relative simplicity of it. Most of its unique and funny lingo is based upon the bets and throws.

Do you know what ‘Snake Eyes’ are (easy, 2s)? Or, ‘Mom and Dad’ (8 the hard way, two 4s)? Better learn how to speak your Craps, then walk the talk!

Learn All the Bets

When you learn the lingo, of course, you will be learning the bets, too. Logically, to get the most out of Craps, which is really a betting game, you need to know all your options. Knowing all the bets is also your key to unlock and enjoy all the drama of the total scene with everybody’s action involved.

Increase Your Odds Bets

All casinos and games usually will curtail your ability to maximize the size of your Odds bet compared to your line bet to join the action, but this is a good way to decrease the house edge.

Place Bets to Allow Exact Payouts

Did you know that when your winning bet turns out to include a fraction of a whole money unit like a quid, the house will round down for your payout? One way to keep the house edge as low as possible is to compute your bets so that if you win their payouts will be even denominations.

Press Your Bets

Since Craps is a gregarious, social, humorous, fun loving sort of affair, with plenty of drama and flourishes (especially in the spoken expressions), players tend to love increasing their thrill by going for more action, or bigger wins.

One thing you should do is press your bets, which means to reinvest winnings in your next bet. There’s nothing like winning on a repeating winner!

Make Two-Way Wagers

Finally, we will leave you with a very fair-minded, polite, respectable and kind way to play Craps: always take care of the dealer and table crew. You can give them tips in an envelope incognito, or, you can learn how to make two way bets. That means that 50% of your winnings will go to your dealer & co — certainly a great way to contribute to the overall fun at your table!