5 Points on Mastering Roulette

As you probably already know, Roulette is known as a high stakes, elite kind of casino game. But, that is not because the rules and gameplay itself require large bets — its historic patronage by high rollers (in Europe especially) is more culturally based than otherwise.

Mediated Gambling

One thing about Roulette that makes it different from cards, yet similar to slots, is the fact that it requires fairly complex equipment.

Since the action and the referent of players’ bets is a mechanical wheel, this hardware actually represents a kind of ‘black box’ into which participants cannot see, which distances them from the fundamental workings of the game.

1. Finer Points of Roulette

People who specialise in Roulette for whatever reasons of course will have come up with various strategies, methods and systems to help them win. The fact is (even according to comments by Einstein) this game has the least favourable odds of any game in the house. Be aware of that!

Why Are You Playing?

Knowing this cold hard fact really should beg the fundamental question of why one wants to play roulette. The answer cannot be that it has great odds (like blackjack) or that it’s simple (like cards in general), so, what is it?

That question should be answered even if one attempts to learn the finer points of Roulette, let alone a strategy to beat its difficult odds and learn its complicated betting rules.

2. Mathematics in Roulette

Roulette is not a game of skill plus luck like poker, but neither does its gameplay  hinge upon a simple form of chance.

The range of odds for or against winning starts at 1 in 37/38, but has too many other variants to state easily, which are based upon the complexity of one’s bet.

Therefore this game is perfect for anybody with a head for math, probability, statistics and even physics. So, at the same time roulette is deceptively simple and it can be as complicated as the player wishes.

3. Full Range of Betting

Using any Roulette strategy one chooses will entail mastering the betting options of this game. At the end of the day, Roulette is a betting game par excellence (much like Baccarat). To decide what one’s bet will be is the main work of a player, as well as the etiquette and customs needed to actually place the bet correctly (especially in land-based casinos).

In order to adjust to the gameplay and respond to probabilities, according to whichever strategy or method has been chosen, a player must play both Inside Bets (the most precise kind) and Outside Bets (the most general). The basic choice is to either:

  • bet on a Straight (one numbered slot) or just a few numbers, or,
  • bet on a spread or range of numbers and colours

Roulette gives players 8 Inside Bets and 6 Outside Bets from which to choose, tailoring their betting to how the wheel has performed (or reacting to whatever type of signs, to which the player pays attention). It is essential to be a virtuoso of all these bets rather than get stuck on certain types.

Again, it all depends upon the strategy one uses. The player of Roulette must have a strategy and use it with integrity, because otherwise it’s just a ‘crap shoot’, as they say. But without strategy Roulette is likely to descend into a merely superstitious or capricious affair (and not a very winning one).

4. Putting Style into Your Roulette Repertoire

If a player’s answer to the question of why play above has anything to do with enjoying the experience itself, rather than hunting for wins, then it will also mean getting into the performative aspects of Roulette.

Aside from gambling, this could be understood as a social spectacle, a way for players to act a certain part (which is lost to some extent with online versions that necessarily focus on the wheel and bets alone).

Playing well, as such, then becomes a matter of playing with style and actually enjoying a bit of playful exhibitionism! A Roulette player is on a stage for the onlookers who become involved with the story of a given game session. The player herself helps to narrate that story.

5. What Makes a Great Player

We close with this simple idea: the mark of greatness in playing Roulette is based upon not a static, external rule, let alone is it merely winning. Roulette is a very social game, with a fantastic history. To play is to become a particular moment, story, character in the longer saga of Roulette.

To a large extent playing Roulette is a creative way to gamble, in which the individual’s own imagination must be involved as well as their wits, personality and mind for numbers. It is not a game for everyone; that is why the people who love it do feel special.