5 Easy To Do Card Tricks

Whether you call them magicians, illusionists or performers, there’s no denying that individuals like David Blaine and Criss Angel have made the art of magic very popular to a new generation. But while some of their feats may be spectacular and sometimes rather bizarre, there is a common component that all their shows feature: card tricks.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best card tricks ever. So if you’re a budding magician who wants to wow audiences with their skills or someone who just wants to show off a little in front of their friends, you’re in the right place.

  1. The Spelling Bee

The aim of this particular trick is to spell out each card as you lay the cards on the table – randomly, of course. The ‘magic’ behind this trick lies in the prearranged deck, which is as follows:

  • Remove 13 cards from the deck – one of each number but not all the same suit
  • Arrange the cards in this order from top down: Three, Eight, Seven, Ace, Queen, Six, Four, Two, Jack, King, Ten, Nine, and finally Five
  • Place these 13 cards on top of the rest of the deck

You can now appear to shuffle the deck but make sure your prearranged 13 cards remain in place in their specific order. Show your audience the top 13 cards by fanning them out to show their random order. You can now begin spelling each card out before taking it from your deck and laying it face up on the table.

  1. Guess the Card

This trick requires nothing in the way of skill but you do need to be able to complete some basic mental arithmetic.

  • Shuffle the deck
  • Start building stacks by turning over a card and laying it face up on the table. Then continue flipping cards whilst counting in your head up to 13 starting at whatever number was turned first. For example, if the first card turned was a four you would turn a further nine cards
  • Once you have flipped the thirteenth card turn the stack over
  • Repeat this process until you have as many stacks as possible from the deck
  • Ask someone to pick three random stacks and place them side-by-side
  • Put the other stacks together and to the side
  • Turn over the top card on each of the outside stacks in the previously chosen three piles
  • Add the cards together and then add 10. So for a two and a three the total would be 15
  • Now take the other stacks that you put aside and begin counting until you reach 15
  • The number of cards that remain in your other hand after counting to 15 will be the same as the number of the card on top of the middle pile
  1. Is that your card?

It’s a classic and it’s easy to do.

  • Ask someone to pick a card from the deck and memorise it but don’t lose the place where they took it from
  • While they are doing this take a peek at the card above it (your helper card)
  • Ask them to put the card back in the same place
  • Shuffle the cards – it’s unlikely you’ll separate the two
  • Now go through the shuffled deck until you find your helper card
  • The one below it is their card
  • Ta-da!
  1. The world’s simplest card trick

Perhaps 10% of the time this won’t work but you can just say you weren’t concentrating hard enough and repeat.

  • Ask someone to shuffle your deck of cards
  • Then ask them to name any two cards but not the suits
  • Place your hand on the deck and pretend to concentrate hard
  • Now turn the deck over and ask your spectator to fan the cards out
  • The two cards they named (should) be next to each other
  • This works by probability and if you don’t believe us then try it for yourself
  1. The red and black trick

So simple, yet so effective is the red and black trick as follows:

  • Divide the deck into reds and blacks before asking a friend to pick a card from either stack.
  • Ask them to memorise it and then place it back into the other pile
  • Shuffle the cards thoroughly
  • Sift through and find the wrong-coloured card
  • Show it to them and watch them be amazed!

So there you have it, 5 pretty easy yet hard-hitting card tricks that you can learn within 5 minutes that are sure to leave your audience stunned.

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